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Bentol Box

A chef make specially. A Daily changing asian fusion in a six dishes served bento style


OAT AND CORNFLAKE CRUMBED CHICKEN SCHNITZEL w. Mash Potato, Roast Pumpkin w. Peas & Roast Broccoli

GRILLED SEA BASS w. Fresh Pine Nut Pomegranate Dressing & Parmesan Chunky Chips

AYAM PERCHIK (Coconut BBQ Chicken) w. Green Mango & Cashew Salad, Roast Sweet Potato w. Green Lemon Sauce & Coconut Rice

SHARING MEAT PLATTER - Homemade Lamb Sausage, Tenderloin Steak (120 grams), 3 Meat Balls in Tomato Sauce, Parsnip Mash, Roast Pumpkin, Balsamic Sauce, Chimichurri Pesto & Chilli Jam Perfect to Share with our CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD

BEEF & PUMPKIN LASAGNE served w. Mixed Leaf Salad



GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST in a LAKSA SOUP w. Rice Noodles, Spinach, Tomatoes, Pumpkin & Mint w. Sambal Belacan & Chilli Jam

HOKKIEN SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE w. Minced Chicken served w. Cucumber Ribbons, Eggplant Ginger Bud Sambal & Caramelised Peanuts

BEEF RENDANG FRIED RICE - Green Beans, Corn, Egg, Peas served w. Fried Egg, Sambal Belacan, Chilli Jam & Ground Nuts, Acar & an extra bowl of Rendang

CHICKEN AND MUSHROOM PIE w. Baked Sweet Potato, Mash Potato, Broccoli & Tomato Relish

The Menu


SELECTION OF MIXED TOAST Banana Bread, Wholegrain and Focaccia served w. Homemade Strawberry Jam or Spiced Pineapple Jam and Espresso Walnut Butter

BREAKFAST WRAP of Thin Omelette, Tomatoes, Eggplant Jam, Rocket & Tomato Relish

MUSHROOM BRUSCHETTA w. Cheddar, Parmesan & Balsamic Reduction

SCRAMBLED EGGS w. Homemade Beef Patty, Tomatoes & Cheesy Focaccia

MEXICAN BREAKFAST (Nachos Style) w. Crispy Tortilla Chips, Fried Egg, Feta, Corn Salsa, Avocado, Green Relish & Harissa Sauce

LAOS MINCED CHICKEN OMELETTE w. Corn Salsa, Watercress Lemon Salad & Toast

BIG BREAKFAST w. Fried Egg, Homemade Lamb Sausage, Beef Patty, Mushrooms & Spinach, Roasted Tomatoes, Caramelised Onions w.Tomato Relish & Toast